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The Guild Publishers and Distributors of Fine Art Limited

"The Guild" is a company that will make every attempt to provide artwork that is new and exciting while respecting the need for corporate integrity and respect for the consumer, the artist, the gallery, and, the manner in which art is defined, distributed and sold.

Over the past twenty-five years, I have had the privilege of working with and distributing artists whose original prints now hang in the permanent collections of the Art Gallery of Ontario and the National Gallery in Ottawa. I've also enjoyed the opportunity of dealing with prints that would likely never be seen in a public institution but have nevertheless enjoyed tremendous popular appeal. Beside publishing original prints and limited edition reproductions, I've also worked as an agent and as the organizer of art auctions for some of Canada's very best. It's been an amazing ride.

Art should have some measure of exclusivity, and 'The Guild' intends to resurrect that tradition by ensuring that images will be produced in editions no larger than 250 prints. All of our prints will be created by means of in the Giclée process, which is unsurpassed in terms both of matching the original artwork and of conservation, or, they will be produced by the artist's hand or a master printmaker.

"The Guild's" mandate will be to seek out those artists who have enjoyed highly successful careers and yet, have not been widely accessible to the public. Freeman Patterson, author and photographer for more than fifteen books is a prime example.

'The Guild Publisher and Distributors of Fine Art Limited.' is guided by the following principles:


'The Guild' is committed to providing clients with the best possible quality and service to ensure their complete satisfaction - and to earn their continuing support.


'The Guild' recognizes that its products reflect not only on the artist but also on the dealer and the dealers clientele. No expense will be spared in the qualitative aspects of an image produced by 'The Guild'— from the support materials that help educate prospective buyers, to the quality of the papers and inks that are used to create the image.


'The Guild' intends to work with artists whose original art has achieved success in the public market. Any image reproduced by ''The Guild'' will be supervised by the artist who created the image, be it photographic, original print or Giclée.


'The Guild' is pleased to provide its dealer network with a variety of support materials for their clientele. With Freeman Patterson as its marquee artist, 'The Guild' offers extensive resources from newspapers and magazines articles to books published by Key Porter and other Canadian publishers. Also available are both the general website and the more private and intimate Dealer Website created for the more discerning collector interested in smaller edition sizes ranging from ten to twenty prints.


'The Guild' is committed to building a future based on its reputation. To that end, it will maintain small edition sizes, and will not create more than 250 copies of any one image. In keeping with photographic traditions, some photographic images handled by 'The Guild' have been produced at the discretion of the photographer in edition sizes of ten (10) or twenty (20), in three (3) sizes, in the Giclée format. All images will be labeled with the original medium, date of execution, edition size, paper type and ink type.


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